Summoners War Hack: Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Here, you’ll find our Summoners War Hack with tips, tricks as well as cheats for mobile devices. There are some general things players need to do if you have not done the already.

Farm only main support monsters

The three main support monsters are Shannon (Wind Pixie), Ahman (Light Bearman), and Bernard (Wind Griffon). The three units make a great addition to any Cairos Dungeon team. The other good items to farm would be the Neal (Light Fairy), Belladon (Light Inugami), Konamiya (Water Garuda) and Darion (Light Vagabond).

Ramagos is also an incredible addition to any team. He will help you survive late into the game. Sadly, he falls off but comes back extraordinarily strong immediately you reach higher ranks.

Fully unlock every single slot in your Shop

After you get to level 28, 6* runes will start to show in your shop. If you’re unable to clear up higher levels of Dragon’s Lair or Giant’s Keep, this may be your only source of high-level runes. Even though 6* runes may be rare, you’ll find other good runes in the game Shop. We recommend keeping 400k mana stones always, as you can purchase the good runes.


Do your “Dailies” always

Doing a daily will be evidently clearing all the daily missions, and also doing things such as clearing Rivals in Arena too. If you prefer to keep a good balance, do a simple run of the Hall of Magic, Giant’s Keep, the Elemental Dungeon, Dragon’s Lair, and even the secret dungeon. This will let you gauge your team’s progress. When you are able to clear a higher item, you will know you are on the right track. If you do these daily, your crystals will increase greatly, as well as runes and spare essences you will gain from the Dragon/Giant.

Don’t disregard farming for some runes

You may have a cool band of 6* monsters, but they may be rendered unusable if they do not have more than 3* runes. You must spend some time farming for runes for your units. One good milestone to reach is B6 Giants, since you can get a great inflow of good runes, with a rare opportunity of getting 6* runes. So ensure to get these runes as fast as possible as the Summoners War hack isn’t able to generate those items and you can’t get them via crystals so you need to play for them.

Always make use of your arena invitations

Though you may lose, try to get glory points for partaking. Glory points are quite useful because getting a Devilmon each week is essential for leveling up skills on rare monsters, and unlocking Glory buildings. Here’s an order of how to use the glory points Devilmon to Mysterious Plant to Sanctum of Energy to Sky Tribute Totem to any other buildings you may intend to invest in Mystical Scroll or Elemental Scrolls. When you’re low on energy, it could be a great place to get five or so from battles, and then ten from your Daily Mission. This Summoners War Hack will help you survive for long.